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Films are a journey…

for more than just the audience, they are a journey for every individual involved in the process from the moment the idea is born to the second it’s first debuted. Nick Nanton’s journey as a Producer and Director has led him to exciting, exotic and sometimes even scary places from the beaches of Sardinia, Italy to the slums of Haiti, documenting the rescue of children trapped in sex slavery. He has interviewed Richard Branson at the Virgin Galactic Spaceport and trudged through ISIS tunnels in Iraq, and while this journey has brought him to many more places, the purpose has always remained the same: To tell a story of significance that will make the biggest impact in the lives of all those involved.

Abundance Studios is a collective of entrepreneurs, professionals, and philanthropists dedicated to creating and sharing media to foster a world of enlightened thinking and abundant action. This is more than just a commitment to films, it is a commitment to making the world a better place by telling the stories that need to be told.