Bryan Gallinger

Known as “The Dream Promoter” for over 25 years of helping individuals and organizations to pursue their dreams in entertainment, business and philanthropy – Bryan Gallinger is a social impact-based Entrepreneur, Producer and Consultant. Bryan has helped build over 30 small businesses and has consulted to help develop over 200 small businesses, brands, organizations, projects or events. He has produced over 400 events, including live music showcases, concerts, festivals, education, corporate, seminars, workshops, summits, conferences, pageants, personal & professional development, retreats, masterminds, wellness, launch parties, private events, themed parties, community events, awareness, fundraisers, galas, Humanitarian, awards, and more.

He is a man of diverse talents and vocations having enjoyed a long career with celebrated success in various endeavors. Blending his passions as an entertainer, former athlete, humanitarian and entrepreneur, he has built a solid network and legacy that values morality overall. Bryan is a humble man with a strong vision: to inspire, empower and elevate others throughout his journey. Due to his passion for helping others, he has volunteered for over 10 nonprofits/foundations. Bryan has helped raise over $50 MM for other non-profits, social impact solutions and charitable organizations.

Having led over 20 employees, 50 independent contractors and project managed over 50 different teams, he has ample experience with business development, leadership and management. He has produced Film, TV & Music Internationally for over 25 years. Bryan has 30+ years of diverse experience in the entertainment industry and also has well-rounded knowledge & experience across a variety of different industries. Having lived and worked in multiple countries and over a dozen different cities, he has had a unique understanding of different cultures and philosophies.

Currently, Bryan is the Creator & Executive Producer of Be Great!, a social impact production company. He is the Founder & CEO of G.O.A.T. Consulting Group, a boutique marketing and business development agency that helps individuals, businesses and organizations to become the Greatest Of All Time! As a volunteer, he is the International Marketing Director for Called To Rescue, a non-profit that rescues children who are missing, abused or have been sex trafficked.