Dr Wayne Pernell

Dr Wayne Pernell, The Exponential Success Coach, is an international speaker, elite mindstate coach, and #1 best-selling author. He has been featured in a documentary, Big Stages, following his path as a speaker, and he is the executive producer of several films, most notably The Truth About Reading, a project aligned with his passion for education and literacy.

Dr Pernell, also known by friends and associates as “Dr P” or “Dr Wayne,” holds a doctorate in clinical psychology which he pivoted four decades ago into the areas of leadership, organization development, and executive coaching, now providing a unique perspective and elite advising to leaders across all industries. Through his coaching and his signature elite retreats and summits, he guides his clients to high performance and MindState™ optimization.

Wayne is adept at engaging leaders while facilitating great communication within and across teams, resulting in increased productivity and profitability, greater presence both at work and at home, and a bigger impact in the community. His work is consistently called life changing.

Dr Pernell is the founder and president of DynamicLeader®, Inc. He is the creator of the Exponential Success™ Systems and The Culture Pack™. He is a member of the Forbes Business Council as well as a major member of the Business Council of New York State. “Dr P” is a two-time TEDx Speaker and recently noted as “One of the Top Speakers to Follow in 2022.” He has been featured in the Television series SpeakUp, and is regularly seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and The CW, as well as heard on radio and podcasts around the world. Additionally, Dr Wayne Pernell is a regular blogger and podcaster (One Sharp Sword podcast) and he can be found in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, the NY Times, and so many others.

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