Pat Ziemer

Pat Ziemer is the owner of Magna Wave PEMF and Aura Wellness. Pat has been working full-time with Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) since 2002. The company’s therapy devices are used extensively on racehorses, performance horses, and professional athletes. Several recent Kentucky Derby winners and numerous world champions in many horse disciplines utilize the therapy regularly. Many NFL, MLB NBA, NHL, and MLS teams utilize Magna Wave Therapy. In 2007, Pat began working with high-powered PEMF devices. He branded the devices as Magna Wave and hit the road marketing the Magna Wave brand. Since 2007 the company has placed over 7000 Magna Wave devices into the market for private and professional use. In 2019 he began the process of having his Aura Wellness devices cleared by the FDA and CE marked for international distribution. One device is now 510K Cleared with the FDA and three more are on course for FDA 510K Clearance and Registration by mid-2024. Magna Wave and Aura Wellness now service the human, small animal, and equine markets.
Pat has been a contributing author in nine best-selling business and sales books with seven being number one best sellers. In collaboration with Dick Vitale, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Mariel Hemingway, and others. He also offers two podcasts, one dealing with Magna Wave Office Hours and another providing a history of Second Life Motivations that he has produced since the 1990’s on Radio and now as a Podcast. He also produces a TV channel, Biohacking Wellness on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google. The channel focuses on Integrative Wellness as an adjunct to main-line medicine.
In his spare time, Pat and his wife DD travel the U.S. in their RV Bus meeting with people from all walks of life and educating them on their passion for improved health and wellness for all.
Follow Pat on linkedIN @PatrickZiemer or email at [email protected]