Ryan Chute

Ryan brings his extensive experience in psyops, reconnaissance, and peacekeeping in the Canadian military to serve his clients at Wizard of Ads® across North America and the Pacific Rim.
Known for his precision strategies that outperform all conventional benchmarks, Ryan Chute, Wizard of Sales® expertly aligns marketing strategy, with culture and sales to accelerate growth. Operating with a team of Tier One Creatives, Media Buyers, and Digital Strategists, Ryan puts together deadly combinations of strategy, tactics, and players to deliver a holistic marketing plan that goes far beyond lead gen and branding.

Ryan’s teams work with higher average ticket products and services with a longer purchase cycle and a somewhat complex offering. Ryan does his best work in retail, automotive, home services, and professional services.

When you’ve tried the rest, and now you only want the best, call Ryan Chute to take charge of your marketing.

Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” 

— David Packard, Cofounder, Hewlett-Packard