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Bryan Gallinger

Known as “The Dream Promoter” for over 25 years of helping individuals and organizations to pursue their dreams in entertainment, business and philanthropy – Bryan Gallinger is a social impact-based Entrepreneur, Producer and Consultant. Bryan has helped build over 30 small businesses and has consulted to help develop over 200 small businesses, brands, organizations, projects […]

Written by on November 9, 2023

Paul Peters

Paul Peters was born in Carbondale, Illinois to George and Doloros Peters. Paul was raised in the Suburbs of Chicago and attended Homewood Flossmoor High School where he was involved in Gymnastics. Paul graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s in psychology. Paul then attended Seminary where he studied Philosophy at Southern Evangelical […]

Written by on October 2, 2023

Ryan Chute

Ryan brings his extensive experience in psyops, reconnaissance, and peacekeeping in the Canadian military to serve his clients at Wizard of Ads® across North America and the Pacific Rim. Known for his precision strategies that outperform all conventional benchmarks, Ryan Chute, Wizard of Sales® expertly aligns marketing strategy, with culture and sales to accelerate growth. […]

Written by on September 26, 2023

George McCranie

George McCranie is a Criminal Defense, Accident & Family Based Immigration attorney with offices in Valdosta, Tifton and Douglas, Georgia. He is also a nationally recognized Author with three #1 Best-Selling books “Protect & Defend”, “The Authority on DUI Defense” & “Your Path to Freedom”. His other books, “After the Crash” and “The Truth About Your Georgia […]

Written by on May 18, 2023

Dr. Fred Rouse

A national award winning multiple best-selling author and retired Certified Financial Planner Dr Fred Rouse is the nation’s leading authority on Short Window Retirement Planning.  After serving 5 years in the US Coast Guard at the tail end of the Vietnam War running small boats for search and rescue, he changed direction and became a […]

Written by on December 28, 2022

Mike Reza

Distinguished in several professional arenas, Michael Reza’s name is synonymous with fair lending practices in the financial industry, fair representation of his constituents in politics, as the long-term Congressional Awards President and Board Member, and as an Executive Producer in the film industry. He also actively participates in service to others through raising funds and […]

Written by on December 27, 2022

Julie Meates

Julie Meates is a New Zealand-born humanitarian endeavoring to bring more peace, kindness, and love into our world. Her career has been multifaceted and varied. For her, family has been important. She is married with three wonderful children and a wide, diverse, extended family. Julie has a passion for education and health, starting her early […]

Written by on December 27, 2022

Jennifer Perri

Jennifer Perri is a Certified Divorce and Empowerment Coach, Registered Financial Consultant, and 2x Best-Selling Author who has spent over two decades helping women transform their lives. Jennifer’s mission is to empower women to live financially fearless, embrace their inner worth and become the sheroes in their stories. She has been featured in the media […]

Written by on March 25, 2022

Richard Tyler

Richard Tyler, America’s Corporate and Entrepreneurial Business Expert™, is recognized as the world’s top Sales and Management expert. Richard is the CEO of Richard Tyler International, Inc.®, as well as a diversified family of companies and services. Richard Tyler is a 3-time Best Selling Author, a 6-time Expy® Award Winner, a 2-time Quilly® Award Winner, […]

Written by on March 25, 2022

Dr. Teri Rouse

Dr. Teri Rouse, more often called Dr. Teri by friends, family, students and clients, is a wife, mother, advocate, teacher, and mentor. She is a traveler, an author, and a storyteller. She is many things. BUT the most important thing, she is a woman who cares passionately for the wellbeing of children and their families. […]

Written by on March 25, 2022

Craig Lack

According to Inc., “Craig Lack is the most effective consultant you’ve never heard of.” He consults with public and private C-Suites, PE Firms and independent consultants to measurably and predictably pivot OpEx into free cash flow and EBITDA. The proprietary financial hedging strategy eliminates controllable risk and delivers higher ROIC without disrupting legacy strategy or […]

Written by on March 25, 2022